Narrative magazine seeks internship candidates

Narrative MagazineFancy flitting over to San Francisco to gain experience of how literary magazines work? Narrativeis currently seeking internship candidates to assist with production of the magazine, including editorial and technical tasks, public outreach, and other programs.Founded a decade ago, Narrative is a high profile online literary magazine with the mission of transitioning great literature into the digital age and uniting readers and writers around the world and across generations. Narrativeaims to combine “the values and standards of a nonprofit institution with the ethos and sensibility of a start-up: a fast pace, a tireless staff, and ceaseless determination to stretch every dollar to its fullest in support of the mission.”The magazine publishes more than three hundred poets, writers, and artists annually, including Tobias Wolff, Alice Munro, Sherman Alexie, James Salter, E. L. Doctorow, Ted Kooser, Joyce Carol Oates,and many more.Qualities required for this literary internshipFor this position, Narrative are seeking someone who is friendly, professional, reliable, diplomatic, extremely organized, a good conversationalist, a solid writer, computer savvy, and conversant with traditional publishing, social media, electronic publishing, iPhone applications, public relations, and marketing.

You must have a passion for literature, strive for excellence in everything you do, thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic workplace, and are eager to envision, collaborate on, and execute ideas and tasks.

Responsibilities of this literary internship

As part of your diverse role you will be helping to ensure that projects, people, paperwork, schedules, and other responsibilities are timely, exceptional, and on target.

Narrative is located in San Francisco and needs local interns but, as an Internet-based, digital publication, also works with interns in various locations.

How to apply for this literary internship

Please send your CV and a letter indicating what you can bring to the literary magazine to

Mid-week writing prompt – seaside contemplation

There’s something about seeing someone absorbed in contemplation that is deeply intriguing. Add to that a gorgeous backdrop of sea and sky, and I’m hooked.

Gyllenvase Beach, Cornwall cr Judy Darley

Not to mention the intrigue of the kayakers in the water beyond. Are these three people linked in some way, or is the man on the shore entirely separate? Is he merely thinking about what he wants to have for tea, putting off going home for some reason, or plotting lord-only-knows what?

If this image prompts you to write something, I’d love to know. Just send an email to Judy(at)socket

A ghost story

We’re already into October, and the run up to Halloween. Britain never celebrates this most gruesome of fiestas with as much fervour as I’d like, but I’m hoping to make up for that with as many relevant posts here as possible over the next few weeks. You may already have spotted my posts about zombie tag and zombie chic fashions.

Cellar cr Judy Darley

The crowded cellar that inspired ‘Unwanted Guests’

This is also the time of year when ghost stories are most successful, so I’m really pleased to have one of mine published by the wonderful Origami Journal.

My tale, Unwanted Guests, was inspired by a rental property I moved into where the cellar was filled with the previous tenant’s possessions – everything from old pots and pans to gymkhana ribbons and old teddy bears – seriously eerie! Why on earth would anyone leave those kinds of things behind? That was the seed – read the result here.