A few inspiring words

Tania Hershman websiteI’m a frequent dipper into other writers’ websites, particularly those of authors who manage to faultlessly produce the kind of fiction I aspire too.

One of my favourites at the moment is Tania Hershman’s website, which draws me back time and again, usually when I need a brief break that will leave me inspired to get back to my own writing. The tone is unpretentious and chatty, and for fiction addicts like me there’s plenty to tuck into.

My Mother Was An Upright Piano coverTania’s latest release is a collection of 56 very short fictions called My Mother Was An Upright Piano, published by Tangent Books, and the website’s home page promotes this to full effect, even hosting a video of Tania reading the title story from the book.

Throughout Tania’s website, you’ll find evidence of her accomplishments – click on the ‘stories’ tab and you’ll find a somewhat daunting list of ‘recently published’ and ‘forthcoming’ publications. It points to a tireless proliferation I aspire to. In the ‘journalism’ section, you’ll discover tracts of Tania’s past endeavours as a science and technology journalist based in Israel – surely fuel for countless tales.

And then there’s the blog, where Tania chats about what she’s been up to – the stories she had published (often with live links to allow you to easily consume her subtly chilling portions of flash fiction), prizes she has received or has awarded on behalf of one short fiction competition or other, and appearances she has made, readings she’s given (well worth attending if you get the chance) and classes she has taught, as well as offering valuable titbits generously shared, such as the details of writing competitions that have caught her eye.

It all adds up to an intriguing insight into the life of a successful working writer – a blueprint, perhaps, of the life so many of us aspire to. So, in fact, aspirational and inspirational in equal measure.

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