Artists’ depictions of the Iron Lady

On Earth as it is Heaven by Ben Moore

On Earth as it is Heaven by Ben Moore

Wednesday 17 April 2013, the day of Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, marks the start of a brave new exhibition of Underground artwork inspired by the late Baroness.

Art Below‘s ‘Thatcherstic’ opens at London’s Gallery Different with a private view on Wednesday 17th April, the day of Thatcher’s funeral.

The exhibition features 10 artists depictions of ‘The Iron Lady’ and is open to the public for 10 days, tying in with the ‘No.10’ theme. Participating artists include Johan Andersson, Nasser Azam, Jonny Briggs, Sarah Maple, Matt Small, and Carne Griffiths.

Margaret Thatcher by Johnny BriggsOver the next month, selected works from the exhibition will feature at Westminster tube station as vast posters, including Jonny Briggs’ large pixellated close-up of Margaret Thatcher’s tearful eye captured in the moment she left Downing Street for the last time.

“There have been passionate comments passing back and forth about Margaret Thatcher, from those who loved and those who hated her, yet more than a politician she was a human being, and like all of us she had insecurities,” says Jonny. “She has been infamously described as ‘The Iron Lady’, as lacking in emotion, yet this is an image that’s a portal in to a more fragile side of her that was rarely seen, and one that I feel we can all relate to, regardless of our political stance.”

Rusty iron lady by Paul TacklenbergOther works that caught my attention include Paul Tacklenberg’s quartet of images of Maggie (pictured left) screen printed onto steel and left to rust – a reminder of her impact in closing so many of the nation’s steelworks.

“All the artists in the show have one thing in common, we all grew up as Thatcher’s children,” remarks Ben Moore, Director of Art Below and curator of the show. “Thatcher’s recent death has highlighted the divide in people’s thoughts and feelings towards her and I hope this comes over in the exhibition.”

For invitation to the private view or to find out more, please email, call 0208 948 4491 or visit


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