Book review – Temporary Measure

When I Was A Rabbit cr Temporary MeasureThis gorgeous Temporary Measure’s Lovely Little Stories Limited Edition box set is most  definitely an item to treasure.

Temporary Measure Once Upon A Time gift setIf you order it online from Temporary Measure’s website it will arrive in a box wrapped in a ribbon tied with a bow – an utterly charming bit of packaging.

Open it up and you’ll find that it contains two dear little hardback books entitled ‘Once Upon A Time when i was a rabbit and there was nothing I couldn’t do…’ and ‘Once Upon A Time when i was the biggest big bear in the whole wide world…”

The two work as well together as two separate tales that seem designed to be read allowed, with a pleasing typewriter-esque font presenting the rhythmic lines accompanied by gorgeous artwork grown ups will enjoy just as much as the children they’ll read the tales to.

“and I would wonder if maybe, just maybe…
there was something taller out there,
in the wide world
that the tops of the high and mighty trees
where the wild wind
whistles and
spins.” (From ‘the biggest bear’.)

Though, in fact, I think it would make just as wonderful a gift for an adult as for a child.

Temporary Measure rabbit and childEven more magical, you can also buy a special knitting kit to make either or both the rabbit and the bear. Emma at Temporary Measure (who writes and illustrates the tales – her mum Jaqui designs the knitting patterns and kits, and this is Emma’s sweet little niece posing with her knitted rabbit) says: “Customers choose the colour of yarn they would like and the ear linings, and we put each kit together individually, so no rabbit or bear is ever the same.”

What a delicious idea!

The next tale in the series will be about an owl, so so keep your eyes wide open for the new book and knitting kit.

Lovely Little Stories Limited Edition box (£17.50), knitting kits and much more are available from Temporary Measure’s website.

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