Call for dark poetry and fiction submissions

Forest fog cr judy DarleyGot something shadowy and potentially unnerving you’d like to share? Moon Hollow Press is inviting submissions for a new anthology of dark poetry and fiction by and for women, titled ‘Uneasy Bones: Dark Works by Women’.

As you may for guessed by the name, this is intended as a collection by and for women, though the publishers are keen to point out that they will accept poems and stories from anyone who identifies as being female, “even if she may not qualify biologically.”

The main thing they are looking for is “poems and stories about the discomfiture of womanhood. Stories may be in any genre, as all women know that romance can be just as dark as horror. A good example of this premise is Stephen King’s I Know What You NeedLess Gothic, but equally dark, examples can be found in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series (in the subplot revolving around Snape’s love for Lily) or Sheryl Crow’s Home.”

While bleak internal worlds and dubious moral landscae are welcome, they do not want excessive violence, graphic sex, or vividly described abuse. Anything reminiscent of Shades of Grey or Twilight will also be rejected.

Specifically, Moon Hollow Press are seeking prose in the form of flash fiction and short stories between 250-7000 words. You may send up to three flash pieces at a time with flash pieces of less than 1,000 words, all included in the same file. Alternatively (as opposed to as well) you may submit one short story (1,000-7,000 words) at a time.

You may submit up to three poems at a time, of any form providing it is between three and 50 lines in length.

This call for submissions will remain open until filled. For full details, visit the Moon Hollow Press website.

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