Crafty Christmas creations

Buttons1Christmas offers the perfect opportunity for getting creative, whether that’s writing witty round robins, or making gifts and cards.

This year I decided to make some dinky baubles for my Christmas tree using some pretty oversized buttons from Bedecked Fine Trimmings.

They’re really simple to make. In case you want to give them a try, here is the step-by-step guide.

All you need are some buttons, sewing needles, thread, blu-tack, card, glue and some pretty paper or kitchen foil.

Cardboard bauble shapesDraw bauble shapes onto your paper, cut them out and glue them to your cardboard.

Cut out your baubles from the cardboard using sharp scissors or a craft knife.


Using a fat needle, make two holes in the cardboard, lined up with where you want sew the button.

Sew the button into place and secure.

Sew the button in place

If you want to, cover the back of the bauble with matching paper.

Bauble and ribbonMake a hole at the top of the bauble, then thread a piece of ribbon through.

I’ve used the ribbons you find sewn onto clothes to keep them from falling off hangers in shops – I always snip them off so I don’t find them draped over my shoulders at some point! Gift-wrap ribbons will do just as well.

Hang from the tree of your choice. Voila!

Button baubles

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