Embroidered love poems…

“Rivers, Floods, Home.” Embroidery and applique on fabric. 2012. 8.5x12in

“Rivers, Floods, Home.” Embroidery and applique on fabric cr Iviva Olenick

Ever find that you have a phrase or string of words lodged in your mind and don’t know quite what to do with them? Me too. Perhaps that’s why the narrative embroidery of Iviva Olenick strikes such a chord.

“I have an ongoing conversation with myself about past and present experiences, and my dreams and hopes for the future – this ultimately leads to stream-of-consciousness snippets, which I choose to embroider,” explains Iviva, before confessing that she sometimes incorporate ‘borrowed’ overheard conversations into her work, “so be careful what you say around me!”


Iviva first developed her unique styles when internet dating. “The process was unlike anything I’d experienced before. I had no idea what to expect, and was surprised by the mix of vulnerability, frustration, and hope the activity inspired in me. Instead of keeping a journal, I began stitching excerpts of some of my most emotional and admittedly confusing experiences.”

ytht cr iviva OlenickShe adds: “I had never intended to show these embroideries to anyone, but eventually thought there might be something to what I was doing from an artistic standpoint.”

When asked what single phrase or statement she would stitch to sum herself up, Iviva answers: “I took myself as far as possible outside of my safety zone, only to find that I want to be home safe with you.”

What would you stitch about yourself or your love?

Iviva is collecting and embroidering ‘Twitter poetry.’ To contribute, tweet Iviva  @EmbroideryPoems or @IvivaOlenick.

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