Enter The Fiction Desk Ghost Story Competition 2013

Arnos Vale Cemetery cr Judy DarleyWhen I think of classic British ghost stories I get a satisfying shiver down my spine, not least because it’s an area women writers seem to excel in, from Mary Shelley to Susan Hill!

The Fiction Desk are straying from their preference for more or less realistic tales for a competition focusing solely on the genre of the ghost story, saying “some genre fiction should be part of any balanced reading diet. One genre that we’d like to feature more of in our pages is the ghost story.”

The closing date for entries is 31 May 2013. The competition is open to all English-speaking writers at the age of 16 or over. There’s a first prize of £500, and a second prize of £100; both winners will also be published in an upcoming Fiction Desk anthology.

Entries should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words in length. The entry fee is £6 for one story or £9 for two stories submitted together.

Winners will be announced in July 2013.

How to enter this writing competition

To enter the competition and to view full terms of entry, please visit one of The Fiction Desk’s two online forms:

What the judges are looking for

“’Ghost story’ can mean a lot of different things, from an encounter with an actual phantom to more unusual paranormal phenomena and unexplained events. All types are welcome, so feel free to experiment: we’re very unlikely to disqualify a story for stretching the definition of a “ghost”. Keep in mind that our general readership (and by extension our judge) may be more likely to respond well to psychological chills and unexplained mysteries than in-your-face gore.”

You might find it helpful or inspiring to look at ghost stories The Fiction Desk have published in the past, like those by Patrick Whittaker and Danny Rhodes in Various Authors, or Mandy Taggart in The Maginot Line.

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