Face your zombie fears

Zombies_Asylum_cr_SlingshotThe folks behind 2.8 Hours Later are spawning a new stream of zombie experiences with their new venture, Asylum, and it may just be the perfect pre-Halloween writing fuel.

In case you’ve missed this phenomenon (or, quite rightly, been too busy hiding behind your sofa to partake), the zombie infestation fiesta launched in Bristol in 2010, attacking 200 participants eager to immerse themselves in dread and gore, and wearing orange armbands to differentiate themselves from innocent passerbys.

The event has since spread to Edinburgh and London, and is now mutating into a brand new version – Asylum.


Creators Slingshot say that in addition to the undead, participants will have to dodge vigilantes and corrupt police, upping the terror levels to brain-blowing levels.

Asylum logo“On one level, we’ve had to introduce new safety features and so wanted to re-design the fear factor to counter that,” says Slingshot co-founder and director, Simon Evans. “But we also wanted to address the deeper economic and political crisis the country is facing.”

Stressed out about the ongoing recession? Face your worst nightmares head on with a trip to a city swarming with flesh-hungry zombies and real life might not seem so bad after all. Even better, you’ll have some first-hand, hands-on research for your horror writing!