Hareraising art with Rachel Falber

dead bird cr Rachel FalberI first discovered the artwork of Rachel Falber thanks to her creepy, kookie skeletal sketches – being the kind of person who will pause to photograph a dead bird on the street, I see something beautiful in the slender, twisted bones that might leave others cold. I think Rachel’s skill is in highlighting that unexpected and somewhat troubling elegance so far more people can appreciate it. However, it turns about that there is much more to Rachel’s portfolio – in fact, it’s her “wildlife and general nice things” that got her started.

“I studied it at Falmouth Uni, and decided to go into illustration after being offered an exhibition at a gallery in Bristol of massive drawings of hares!” she says.

Boxing Hares cr Rachel Falber

Boxing Hares cr Rachel Falber

I love the balletic movement in this piece, and the way the hares have their eyes tight closed – almost as though lost in a private moment of ecstasy.

Rachel comes from “quite an artistic background, both my parents are creative. I’ve always been interested in at and enjoyed art photography and drawing. The first piece of art that I was proud of was my hare project for that first show in Bristol, but the kind of things that inspire me now are quite different to what inspired my hare drawings.”

Strength cr Rachel Falber

Mythology and fables as well as natural history and the macabre all inspire Rachel’s art these days. “For example, I’m currently doing an on going project on Tarot cards. My style is macabre, ink on paper – I use fine liners a lot in my darker work.”

It’s the eerier pieces that particularly intrigue me, though, and, it seems, Rachel too.

“I’m trying to think of what inspired me to draw endless skeletons!” she exclaims. “I’ve always been fascinated with Day of the Dead and that kind of thing. The Tarot card thing came about from working with a really cool guy who does sculptures, He said he was fascinated with time so that was the theme of the show, I found it interesting how people can’t control time, and started researching how people try to cope with the uncertainties of this – one of the ways is by trying to find out their futures, which lead me to Tarot cards…”

The Magician cr Rachel Falber

Want to see more of Rachel’s work? Pay a visit to her website hareraisingdesigns.com, or drop by her Etsy shop, where she sells original cards and prints, or get in touch via her website. “I’m always looking out for opportunities and likeminded people to do shows with and pop up shops.”

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