How to survive the quiet times: A guide for writers, part 4

Toothpaste and forkAlmost every freelance writer experience the occasional lull. In this series of guest posts, freelance journalist Deborah Willimott offers some favourite tips for surviving those quiet times.

Survival tip 4: Seek food

Despite having hours of free time in which to go to the supermarket, flancers never have any food in the house. After your email inbox, the fridge is the second most depressing thing a flancer can open due to lack of exciting content.

It is difficult to describe the depression that descends when, after deciding to console yourself over another work-free morning with a coffee and a nice piece of cheese on toast you discover that you don’t have any bread, cheese, milk or coffee, and have to make do with a steaming mug of boiled water.

For the majority, all the cupboard has to offer is powdered milk, a jar of sweetener (which you momentarily consider adding to boiling water), a tin of flageolet beans and a Christmas Pudding that’s been there since 1990.

At this point, your blood sugar has hit rock bottom, all you have to eat is toothpaste and so you call a parent/guardian/older sibling, sobbing about how your only prospects for dinner are a bowl of pasta with an oxo cube dissolved in it.

Hopefully they will make reassuring noises and put some money in your bank account/invite you over for a hot meal, and mid-way through the conversation you will remember that there is *definitely* a packet of Malteasers in your handbag which you had forgotten about.

Crisis averted!

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