Lit entrepreneur brings indie authors to market

Daisy_White_Pop-Up_Indie_Bookshop_Ashford,_KentIn the run up to Christmas, any marketing opportunity for independent presses and authors should be embraced. One of the most enticing I’ve encountered comes courtesy of literary entrepreneur Daisy White, who runs literary pop-up Booktique.

Daisy White booktique The moveable bookshop ‘pops up’ in empty shops and community spaces, with shelves occupied by the work of ‘indie’ authors, as well as a gallery section for book-related artwork and products.

Daisy White“I count myself as extremely lucky to be able to combine my love of books, with my own home grown business!” says the brains behind the booktique, Daisy White (pictured left outside the pop-up’s Ashford venue). “My initial aim, and this still holds true, was to find an affordable platform for independent authors and publishers to reach readers at a High Street level, to bring books back to a more personal level. By connecting with the ‘pop-up shops’ trend this has proven very possible, and very successful.”

Authors and artists can interact with their readers/customers, hold book signings and launches, and generally enjoy a host of creative chat and advice. “The internet provides a vast opportunity for ‘indie’ authors, but the Bookshop takes their creativity down to a human level, and provides the kind of exposure needed to stand out from the crowd,” comments Daisy. “Today’s readers are knowledgeable and discerning, and this venture enables them to chat to authors before they buy, discovering the personality behind the book.”

booktique logoDaisy’s current diary for Booktique pop-ups is as follows
From now until Jan 12th – Guildford, Surrey.
Jan 25th – Massive Indie author signing in Camberley, Surrey (free to join in!)
Feb 1st – 28th Cranleigh Arts Centre, Sussex.
March (tbc) Gatwick Airport.

A Booktique website is currently under construction, and will allow authors to access the schedule of pop-up diary, and book signings online. “As well as signings, a most popular new addition is ‘Book of the Week’. This is especially helpful to our overseas members, as they can access High Street promotion in the UK, and join our unique brand of creative fusion.”

Authors wishing to be involved, or just to have their books on the shelves, should send an email to