Memoir Journal seeks gun-themed submissions for a special issue

Pink water pistol cr Judy DarleyCan’t say why, but when I hear the word ‘gun’ I get Bon Jovi lyrics in my head: “Shot through the heart, And you’re to blame, You give love a bad name…”

Oh, cringe.

Memoir Journal issue 11Anyway, the point of this post is to let you know that Memoir Journal is now accepting submissions for a special issue devoted to the topic of guns.

Guns, always a thorny issue, aren’t they? Especially in the US where opinion is so very divided on the subject.

“We are seeking essays addressing any aspect of guns,” says Editor in Chief Claudia Sternbach. “We believe that this complicated subject, currently the focus of national dialogue in the US, is worthy of discussion and exploration in a literary magazine.”

Essays must be previously unpublished and may not exceed 6,000 words. To be considered for publication as well as a contest prize of $1,000, there is a $20 entry fee for each submission. However, if you want to be the chance to be published in the issue, but aren’t bothered about the cash prize, you don’t need to pay the submission fee.

Got that?

Submissions in English are welcomed from writers living anywhere in the world.

Find full details of how to submit here. The deadline for submissions is 5 June 5 2013.

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