Midweek writing prompt – snow dog

Okay, not exactly midweek, but yesterday was all about carousing, carolling and Christmas spirit! Now we’re back on track, here’s a pic to perhaps prompt a wintery tale.

Snow dogI encountered this small dog built from snow standing on a war memorial on a particularly wintery day. It made me think of an eerie tale my dad used to tell of a loyal hound standing guard over his master’s grave until he himself froze to death…

The way my dad told it, only his head remained un-iced, so that he became the ‘dog-less head’ – a terrifying ghost story when you’re a small child!

Of course, the snow dog also brings to mind more genial ideas of children playing, and of course, the thought of a lonely boy or girl making him as a friend who might then come to life…

So many possibilities!

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