Rainy days…

Rainy DaysWell, at least it’s not Monday… This is the view out of my home office window right now, and it’s only 3.20 in the afternoon! Days like this make me oh-so sleepy – which is my excuse for being cosied up inside, wrapped in a blanket pretend the glare from my laptop is a ray of sunshine.

Apparently the reason why we’re all so lack-lustre and dosy at the moment is not only because of the dreary winter weather, but because our summer was not as sparkling bright as we, and our bodies would like.

After an average British summer, we dip into autumn with only just enough Vitamin D to make it through to spring. This year our VitD levels are are critically low levels – hence the almost overwhelming urge to hibernate under a mass of duvets with only Twitter and Facebook for company.

But the cure is actually the opposite of what our bodies are telling us, as even the thin grey thing currently masquerading as sunlight is still beneficial. So the answer is to wrap up warm, pull on some wellies and tramp out into the rain and wind. It may not be tempting but you’ll feel much better for it, not to mention a tad virtuous. Plus then you’ll have the perfect excuse to get out of those wet clothes, get into your PJs, and pop on the kettle for a steamy cuppa. Heaven!

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