Recipe – Blackberry vinegar

Blackberries cr Judy DarleyTis the season for blackberrying! Ok, a bit late on that, but some shady corners are still fruiting nicely, and if you have any in your fridge or freezer, this recipe might help you turn it into ‘purple wonder juice’.

And what a bumper crop it’s been. Turns out frosty springs and luscious hot summers make berries very, very happy, and in turn, us.

As it happens, I’m not a huge fan of the blackberries themselves (all those pips lodging and crunching, eurgh…), but I absolutely adore the picking lark. What lovelier way to spend a sunny autumnal Sunday?The result is that we ended up with several pounds of blackberries I wasn’t sure what to do with.

My hubla’s lovely mum Barbara came to the rescue, with a recipe from her mum, Edna Atkin, for blackberry vinegar.

Apparently this is a delicacy up Lincolnshire way, and gets served over everything from roast dinners to, honestly, ice cream. Not so weird when you think of the passion restaurants went through for serving balsamic vinegar with strawberries.

I’ve asked nicely and my mum-in-law has kindly given her permission for me to share the recipe here. Thanks Barbara!

Blackberry vinegar recipe


2lbs (approx 907g) blackberries
Quite a lot of sugar
1pint (approx 568ml) white vinegar


Blackberries and vinegar

1. Mash fruit and vinegar together with a little sugar and leave in a cool place for two days.

Blackberry mulch2. Strain the juice, discarding all the nasty pippy but rather beautiful purple mulchy stuff.

Simmering blackberry vinegar

3. Measure 1lb (approx 454g) sugar to 1 pint (approx 568ml) of your blackberry/vinegar juice. Heat gently, and simmer for 20mins.
4. Cool, put in sauce bottles or jars.
Leave for as long as possible. If making for Christmas gifts, get on it now, as then it’ll be pretty perfect by December 25th.