Salt invites novel submissions from unrepresented authors

Salt Publishing booksIndependent literary publishers Salt is actively seeking new authors, and have issued guidelines to help you get your novel submission right. Refreshingly, you’re welcome to send your work direct, rather than via a literary agent.

How to submit your novel to Salt

Please note, they only wish to receive fiction submissions that meet the following criteria.

All works must be in English, and must be aimed at a British market. They prefer works of less than 80,000 words, and are not currently accepting submissions of short stories, poetry or memoirs.

Please send an email to initially with:

  • an 80-word biographical note
  • an exciting 250-word sales pitch to us about your book
  • six bullet points (of no more than 15 words each) that provide highly-specific and compelling reasons why British booksellers would wish to sell your novel

Novels types that Salt are currently interested in

  • NORFOLK GOTHIC –dark fiction set explicitly in the English county of Norfolk. That is, works which centrally feature Norfolk settings and landscapes and which deal with the sinister side of human nature, containing elements of threat, menace, fear and death.
  • LITERARY FICTION – accessible, original, serious and compelling literary novels – though not experimental fiction.
  • CRIME FICTION – sophisticated and original literary crime fiction; dark, fast-paced thrillers (especially those which feature both UK and continental European settings); traditional mainstream detective fiction and procedurals.
  • FANTASY FICTION – adult fantasy novels – science fiction, fantasy and horror, with an emphasis on the literary. These may include stark, post-apocalyptic settings; futureworlds; supernatural thrillers; paranormal adventure; monster fiction (especially with a profoundly literary and original take on species and identity); police states; new urban decadence, fin-de-siècle excess and political and social disorder.


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