Book review – A Girl’s Arm by Gee Williams

A Girl's Arm by Gee WilliamsThe Knight’s Move, the opening story in Gee Williams’ collection, transports you to a cliff-face where guilt and memory meet an intent not quite specified. As with much of the best storytelling, a lot is is left unsaid, and what is said is raw, sharp, and sour-tasting in places, exquisitely sublime in others: a combination that works well for the reader.

By the end of the tale I feel that I know exactly how to climb an all-but sheer rock-face and the accompanying sense of weightless, a sensation that carried on for much of the collection, as Gee’s words you, then dip you from one life to another.

Most short story collections are a journey of sorts, as you travel from character to character, scenario to scenario, taking in the different views along the way. Continue reading