Two small poems

Woman preparing pineapple, Borneo cr Judy DarleyA small poem of mine, Strays,  has been published in the current issue of Literary Bohemian, one of the most beautiful online publications of travellers’ tales that I know.

The poem appears in Issue 22 – Something About Water, although my ode is entirely earthy (it is set on an island, but a sizeable one) – curious when so many of my poems and stories are water-themed and inspired. As the editors comment, the issue is mostly about water, but also about sex and war. I think my poem encompasses both of the latter in a small way.

There are some wonderful reads in the issue, so do have a browse. I’m particularly taken with Ariana Nadia Nash’s The Pond. It holds the depths of a novel in just four brief, beautiful paragraphs. Impressive.

You can read Strays here. I’ll warn you, it isn’t one of my prettiest. I wrote it during an extraordinary trip to Borneo. The lady pictured here features in the poem, though she doesn’t have a starring role.

My small poem Intimacy has been published by Nutshells and Nuggets, a lovely lit mag that focuses on very short poems. I’m really pleased they chose to publish this one because it was written from the heart about my beloved. A small poem, about a big man!

You can read Intimacy here.

Midweek writing prompt – Intimacy

Ladybird cr Judy Darley

Ladybird at Arnos Vale © Judy Darley

One of my poems, Intimacy, was recently published by the delightful Nutshells and Nuggets. It got me thinking about how we can develop fully rounded, believable protagonists, simply by sharing minute details of their personality and appearance – the things that make them vulnerable and beloved.

This week, I invite you to get up close and personal with your characters. Discover the look in their eyes when they’re anxious or hopeful, the freckle on an earlobe, the tiny scar on their left ankle, their passion for walking barefoot over sun-warmed tarmac, their mortal fear of ladybirds…

If you write something prompted by this, please let me know by sending an email to Judy(at)socket With your permission, I’d love to share it on