How to give a book wings

Craftivist Collective_hopeHave you heard about Unbound? They’re a rather ingenious new kind of publisher. They’ve already attracted the literary talents of Salena Godden, and are now jumping up and down in support of craftivism queen Sarah Corbett.

The way it works is: an author pitches an idea for a book, then you, the potential reader, can choose whether or not to make a donation towards the completion and publication of that book.

In return, you receive a beautiful e-book, paperback or hardback copy of the finished book, depending on how much you pledge. You also get access to ‘the author’s shed’, showcasing their progress and offering insights into the process of putting the book together.

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Sarah’s book is How to be a craftivist: the art of gentle protest.

Intrigued? Sarah says, “If we want our world to be more beautiful, kind and fair, then shouldn’t some of our activism be beautiful, kind and fair?”

Sarah’s been running Craftivist Collective since 2009, tackling issues ranging from climate change to the businesses failing to pay employees a living wage.

“My approach to Craftivism is to tackle issues not with anger and shouting, but with gentle protest. Gentleness is not weak, it requires self-control in the face of anger, injustice and sadness. Gentle protest lets us have conversation instead of an argument, debate instead of shouting, and collaboration instead of opposition.”

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Sarah vows that her book will get to the heart of Craftivism – the purpose, process and pitfalls. Areas it will cover include:

1. How to use the process of making to engage thoughtfully in the issues you care about.

2. How to see every detail of your creation as important: from the colour you use to the fonts, the size, the messaging….

3. How Craftivism can engage people on and offline around the world.

4. How Craftivism can create conversations and action.

“Gentleness, conversation and collaboration can make our world a better place, and the road there less angry, aggressive and divisive.”

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Find out more and help Sarah on her way to making her book a reality at

Find out more about Unbound here.

Writing prompt – craftivism

30 socks cr Judy DarleyThe other day my sister presented me with a carrier bag filled with baby socks that had formerly been worn by her sons. We tipped them out and discovered 30 odd socks. “Do something with those,” she challenged me.

After a lovely conversation with craftivist Sarah Corbett (check out her Craftivist Collective website for more on her inspiring activities) on Monday, I’ve had an idea. Each of these mini socks could be the perfect vessel for a positive thought or suggestion – think fortune cookies that offer recommendations for a happier life, and that once kept tiny feet warm.

For this week’s writing prompt I invite you to come up with a message for one of these socks to bear. It could be something to make a person smile (as simple as “You’re really fab!”), or a statement that could make the world around them better (“Kindness is sexy”). It could even be a line from a favourite poem or song.

Whatever springs to mind, send it my way via twitter or email and I’ll stitch, stick or write thirty of them onto socks, ready to distribute everywhere I go, maybe during the upcoming Totterdown Front Room Art Trail.

Of course, if you have some spare small socks of your own, you’re more than welcome to take this idea and run with it.

If you write something prompted by this idea, I’d love to know. Just send an email to Judy(at)socket or a tweet to @JudyDarley.