Learn to battle zombies

Zombie Science lectureWhat would you do if a zombie epidemic struck your home town? How would you keep yourself and your loved ones from joining the shambling, infected masses?

Not sure (other that hiding in the wardrobe and hoping for the best)? Me neither. Fortunately, World renowned Theoretical Zombiologist Doctor Austin is premiering his Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead lecture at the London Horror Festival this October.

Taking place at The Etcetera Theatre, Camden High Street on 28 and 29 October 2013, the night includes interactive demonstrations and multi-media presentations designed to teach you everything you need to make it through a zombie attack.

Doctor Austin Zombie lecturer“You won’t survive a Zombie outbreak if you don’t know your science”, explains Doctor Austin, “A real Zombie might have a compulsion to continually eat, but they would eat anything, not just human flesh and brains. Hollywood has propagated serious misinformation about Zombies, just to sell tickets. I’m here to tell the truth. And sell tickets.”

He adds: “For the new lecture, Zombie Science: Brain of the Dead, our aim is to provide an insight into the human brain. The human brain is one of the most complex and mysterious things in the universe. We know so much about it, and at the same time so little.”

Brain of the Dead is the third show in the Zombie Science series, which has attracted audiences of over 30,000 at more than 400 lectures across the UK and Ireland. As no audience members have yet fallen foul of a zombie attack, it seems to be a resounding success too. Can you really risk not attending?

Book tickets online at www.etceteratheatre.com. For more details about the lecture series, visit www.zombiescience.co.uk.