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Hands_Still from LIGHT YEARS filmA truly beautiful film is a rare and inspiring thing – as entrancing as any work of art. Directed by the brilliant Esther May Campbell, LIGHT YEARS is just such a film, but releasing an independent is an expensive business.
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Rose__Still from LIGHT YEARS film
The film stars singer songwriter Beth Orton, in her feature film debut, and Muhammet Uzuner (Once Upon a time in Anatolia), along with an array of fresh new talents.
But what’s the film about?

One hot summer’s day, Rose (newcomer Zamira Fuller) longs to see her mum (Beth Orton) but nobody will take her. Taking destiny into her own hands she sets off alone deep into England’s forgotten edge lands to reach her.  Rose’s disappearance pushes her disconnected, fractured siblings and parents into a challenging but poignant reunion as they’re forced to combine their efforts to find Rose.

Family Track_Still from LIGHT YEARS film

The crowd funding campaign is only on until Monday 25th July, so your contribution could make a real difference. Ensure Rose’s odyssey is seen and her story is told. You’ll be supporting British independent cinema as well as #womeninfilm.

To do your part, visit And once you have pledged, don’t forget to spread the word.

Dee and butterfly_Still from LIGHT YEARS film

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