Writing prompt – treasure

Finns Beach Club in Bali, Indonesia

Finn’s Beach Club in Bali, Indonesia

As a freelance journalist I receive an awful lot of press releases, the majority of which are irrelevant to my fields of interest.

However, recently I received one which not only caught my attention, but also my imagination, plus it made me smile. I think it would make a great writing prompt.

Here’s the story.

Roxy Walsh, a guest at Finn’s Beach Club in Bali, Indonesia, went snorkelling and while admiring the tropical fish flocking around her found something unexpected – a ring engraved with the words: “Darling Joe Happy 70th Birthday 2009 Love Jenny.”

How intriguing! I think this could be the start of an amazing work of fiction. Who is Joe? How could Roxy find out? Would she be able to return the ring to him. Oh, and of course, does the ring happen to have any magical powers?!

Back in the real world, Roxy did track Joe down, thanks to the marvels of social media, launching a campaign that was shared over 250,000 times across all corners of the globe. A Facebook user shared the post with her friends, one of which recognised the ring as belonging to her grandfather.

After nine months of thinking it lost forever, Joe Langley was reunited with his ring.

Finns Beach Club, Bali, Indonesia

Finn’s Beach Club, Bali, Indonesia

Actually, there is another part to this tale that piqued my interest, as Jo commented on his amazement that Roxy went for a snorkel in the same spot where he’d swum “gets swept by the same rip onto the same rocks and finds my ring.”

What other extraordinary losses and finds could a rip like that result in?

If you create something prompted by this, please let me know by sending an email to Judy(at)socket creative.com. With your permission, I’d love to share it on SkyLightRain.com.