Book review – A Capital Crime by Laura Wilson

A Capital Crime by Laura WilsonReviewed by Alan Hamilton.

I’m not a devotee of detective fiction. The kind where the author has a police or amateur sleuth who solves crimes oh so cleverly. Especially if the crime is committed in some idyllic or country house situation as though the whole thing were a deeply disturbing reversal of the natural order. But, at a satisfying 440 pages, A Capital Crime isn’t one of your run of the mill Midsomer Murders or Morse concoctions. This one mirrors, almost exactly, the Evans/Christie cases in 1950s Britain and the police content is relevant, carefully researched and entertaining.

It’s a challenge to take a real and notorious crime and give it new life as riveting fiction; one that Laura Wilson takes on and meets with great skill. Real crime, unlike the made-up kind I’ve referred to, is messy, generally unglamorous with unpleasant characters and, often, inept and unimaginative police work. Continue reading