Fashion that tells stories

Sarah C Bellis shift dressI’m no fashionista, but I’m definitely a fan of clothes that put you in a certain frame of mind. Such as these gorgeous dresses from Sara C.

Take a look at her website and you’ll find plenty to drool over, not only the exquisite clothing, but the photography of the landscapes that inspired them. Travelling through rural stretches of England (yay, a Brit designer!), Australia and Mexico, Sara photographed and drew what she saw, and transformed the results into her collections: Nature’s Edge and Nature Lust. Making me smile even more, the garments are each individually handmade in Britain using eco-friendly processes and fabrics. Hurrah for guilt-free fashion!

Sara C Bellis zombieThere are so many divine Sara C designs to choose from, but I particularly love the Bellis shift, (shown above and left), right now, not only for its beauty, but because the red flowers blotches look rather like blood splatters – making it the ideal, unexpectedly stylish outfit to wear with full-on zombie makeup this coming Halloween 🙂

Naturally, with regular, healthier-looking make up it simply looks like a lovely dress to wear to the office, art galleries and on everyday adventures. How’s that for a garment you can dress up or down?