Enter The Masters Review chapbook contest

Autumn gourd by Judy Darley

The Masters Review is inviting submissions to their inaugural chapbook contest.

The deadline for entries is 15th November 2020.

The winning writer receive $3,000, manuscript publication, a subscription to Journal of the Month, and 50 contributor copies.

Steve Almond, the author of eleven books of fiction and non-fiction including the New York Times bestsellers Candyfreak and Against Football, will judge five to ten shortlisted chapbooks chosen byThe Masters Review and select the winning manuscript. Steve will also provide a brief foreword for the winning manuscript on publication.

The Masters Review say: “We’re seeking to celebrate bold, original voices within a single, cohesive manuscript of 25 to 40 pages. We’re interested in collections of short fiction, essays, flash fiction, novellas/novelettes, long-form fiction or essays, and any combination thereof, provided the manuscripts are complete (no excerpts, chapters, works-in-progress, or other incomplete work), and function cohesively.”

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Submit your words to the Moth Nature Writing Prize

Moth by Judy Darley

The Moth Magazine has launched the inaugural Moth Nature Writing Prize. The deadline for entries of nature-inspired short stories, non-fiction and poems is 15th September 2020.

Richard Mabey, one of the UK’s foremost nature writers, will judge submissions.

The Prize will be awarded to the writer of the short fiction, non-fiction or poem that the judges deems to best combine exceptional literary merit with an exploration of the writer’s relationship with the natural world.

The prize is open to anyone over the age of sixteen, as long as the work is original and previously unpublished. Your submitted work must be no longer than 4,000 words.


The winning piece will be published in the winter issue of The Moth.

The winner will receive €1,000 and a week-long stay at The Moth Retreat in rural Ireland.

There is a fee of €15 per entry.

Visit www.themothmagazine.com full details.

The Moth Magazine is also running its annual Poetry Prize, with a deadline of 31st December 2020.

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Hidden River Arts invites submissions activist writing

Hidden River by Judy DarleyHidden River Arts, an independent literary, visual and performing arts organisation based in Philadelphia, US, is inviting submissions in a range of categories, including anthology, numerous contests, and the possibility of publication in the Hidden River Review.

The organisation is named after the Schuylkill (Dutch for “Hidden River”), which winds its way through the region, and is committed to nurturing the artistic community by providing varied and supportive services to writers and artists of all genres.

They say: “We will search for the writers who are finishing their novels while working as Emergency Room nurses, sculptors working as steam-fitters, song-writing dairy farmers or choreographer cowboys. We want the creative talent that is grown, nurtured, and matured in the kiln of real life experience. It is our belief that many, many talented people go unheard because they labor in obscurity or isolation, working with little or no support for the practice of their art.”

This support includes writing workshops and classes, writing awards, outreach and live arts events, and the Hidden River independent small press.

Find details of all opportunities here, but note that submission fees apply in most cases.

Look out for The Thomas Paine Award, Hidden River Arts’ contest inviting submissions of original book-length manuscripts of political or social activist writing. This may be a full-length work, or a collection of essays. Previous publication of individual essays is acceptable, as long as you include the list of the published essays, the journals and magazines where they appeared, and can show that the publication rights have reverted to you, as author.  The submission fee is $20, with an award of $1,000 going to the winner author, along with publication by Defarge Press, an imprint of Hidden River Publishing. The deadline for this award is August 30, 2020.

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