The New Writer invites submissions for The Prose & Poetry Prizes 2012

The New Writer Collection 2012There’s something about entering a creative writing competition that’s curiously helpful in getting you to take your writing seriously, see it through the eyes of others and really polish it up to be the best it can be, plus be disciplined enough to meet a deadline!

Not to mention the tantalising hope of actually winning, and gaining not only the prize money, but the associated prestige.

But these days it seems like countless random folks are setting up contests just to make a quick buck, so you need to choose your contest with care.

Many of the best are associated with well-known publication, such as The New Writer Magazine’s annual prose and poetry competition.This annual competition is open for entries in three categories: Fact, covering essays, articles and interviews on a writing-related or literary theme; Fiction, covering short stories and micro fiction, and Poetry, covering single poems and collections.

In total £2,500 prize money is up for grabs, with top prizes of £300 in the categories of short story and poetry collection.

Boost your chances of winning creative writing competitions

“We’re always on the lookout for something just a little bit different, or even a lot different,” says Merric Davidson, the magazine’s publisher. “An original voice, a confident one – a poem, story or feature that you engage with instantly and throughout regardless of genre.”

Merric sees The New Writer’s competitions as a vital part of its role in nurturing writers. “Entering competitions is an important part of the process for writers. They test you not only against other writers but also yourself. It should improve your writing over time and any kind of a win or commendation is an integral part of the writer’s CV and should act as a door opener.”

Be bold and original in your writing and you won’t go far wrong!

As well as being awarded cash prizes, the winning entries will appear in The Collection 2012, the special annual edition of The New Writer magazine.

The closing date for entries is November 30th 2012.

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