Treehouse retreats

The Birdhouse, Crewkerne, Somerset

The Birdhouse, Somerset

One of the happiest memories of my childhood is the treehouse we built in the apple tree that stood in the centre of our lawn. Little more than a few planks of wood and a spindly rope ladder, it nonetheless offered impressive aerial views and a sense of solitude.

A press released recently popped into my inbox about The Birdhouse, a “beautifully handcrafted treehouse set in a woodland garden on an organic farm in Crewkerne, Somerset.” I’m always on the look out for enticing retreats – the kind of places where the only distractions will be the rustle of the wind through leaves.

Only recently opened to its first guests, the building is all pale wood and flowing light, with plenty of windows letting in the sky and branches beyond. It provides a blend of indoor/outdoor living I find deeply appealing, set alongside modern luxury cunningly disguised to look pleasingly rustic – “Whilst modern and shiny, the bespoke kitchen is clad in 80-year-old boards reclaimed from the parachute regiment Nissen huts from Salisbury Plain,” says Tabitha Symonds.

The Birdhouse living area

The Birdhouse interior

Tabitha, rather than being this property’s owner, is the founder and director of, a company that seeks out unusual properties across the globes, sorts and presents it in enticing segments, such as windmills, yurts, and, yes, treehouses, including an ecofriendly option in Tarzali, Australia, that promises sightings of red-legged pademelon wallabies, coppery brushtail possums and other wildlife sadly lacking in Somerset, England.

Ecofriendly treehouse in Tarzali, Queensland, Australia

Ecofriendly treehouse in Tarzali, Queensland, Australia

Which undoubtedly makes The Birdhouse a far better place to retreat to with a laptop or notepad.

It’s a setting that looks its best in sunshine, but I think it would be a marvellously romantic place to wait out a storm – snug and secure with the sound of creaking branches, lashing rain and your imagination to keep you company.


The Birdhouse bedroom viewsThe Birdhouse bedroom views

The Birdhouse bedroom views

Staying at The Birdhouse costs from £380 for two nights (minimum stay). Week-long stays from £800. Find details of this and other quirky hideaways at the website.

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