Writing fuel courtesy of Barú

BaruI feel like I’m about to embark on a snack review by Leonard of Community fame.

Hmm. Let’s Potato Chips. They’re a buy.

I’m a natural grazer, especially when I’m writing, particularly if I’m tackling a particularly challenging feature or story. This week I discover BARÚ’s Belgian chocolate delights, including Belgian chocolate-coated marshmallow clouds that provided just the right blend of luxury and whimsy to keep me going. According to the literature that arrived with them, the signature marshmallows “are made using a carefully developed recipe that includes real honey and ground vanilla pods to create a soft, light, melt-in-the-mouth experience.”

I can agree with that.

Baru sea salt caramel marshmallowMy favourites ‘clouds’ were the ones topped with a blob of buttery sweet sea salt caramel, but even these couldn’t compete with the ‘Dreamy Hippos’ – so cute, and bitable! They’re crammed with fruity flavoured caramel that nudges the poshness up a notch, and, best of all, each box contains three individually wrapped treats, so even if you generously let your partner gobble one, you’ll have a spare for the next day, or perhaps the next five minutes.

I love the packaging too. The artwork looks like it could have been inspired by a particularly exquisite children’s book. I wonder what the hippos are daydreaming about.

Baru hippos

In the words of Community’s Leonard, “they’re a buy.”

Find BARÚ’s chocolate-coated marshmallows and caramel-crammed hippos at Waitrose, Harvey Nichols, Wholefoods and independent retailers from £2.99 per box.