Writing prompt – fountain

Brescia fountain cr Judy DarleyHave you ever noticed how in some parts of the world, myths and legends seem to brim at every corner?

Last week I had the good fortune to return to Brescia, one of my favourite towns in northern Italy. Meandering through the streets I happened to glance through a doorway and saw a courtyard watched over by this extravagant fountain.

Brescia fountain entrance cr Judy Darley

Surrounded by ordinary apartment buildings, it’s a glorious work of art in an otherwise unexceptional setting. Beneath the fountain’s base, monstrous feet poke out.

Brescia fountain foot cr Judy DarleyThe fountain was dry when I saw it, perhaps due to the season, or perhaps it’s been disused for decades.

It made me wonder, what has this fountain witnessed and overheard through the years? I can imagine shy lovers meeting, clandestine trysts, conspiratorial gatherings, or simply the gossip of women trading the news and scandal as the sound of the water’s song rises about them.

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