Midweek writing prompt – the professionals

Siviano net factory cr Judy DarleyThe world is full of fascinating skill-based professions, and the more specific you get, the more intriguing they become, opening up a whole world of fictional possibilities. Think about the people who make the keys on your computer keyboard for instance, or the person who designs bus stops, whoever designs and makes your buttons, or the people who make football nets.

The latter is something I’ve encountered first time, on an island in an Italian lake. At the net factory there, fishing nets were once high priority, but as time has moved on, and competition has arisen from other parts of the world, they’ve branched out into football nets, tennis nets, volleyball nets, hammocks…

What kind of drama could arise in a place like this? How might their skills be reflected in their personalities?

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Siviano net factory worker cr Judy Darley