All I want for Christmas…

…well, not all. I mean, I’d also like a publishing contract, a warm house, a new pair of jeans, and, um, world peace, and quite a lot of other things, but yes, this amazing library chair is definitely high up on my wish list.

It’s designed and made by Alexander Love over in Brooklyn, and would look right at home in the corner of my office, providing I remove a few less beautiful items of furniture.

Foxy enjoying the Library chair cr Alexander Love“My parents had a coffee table that had books all the way round it and I thought it would make a good footstool with a cushion on top,” Alexander says. “When I drew it out with a cushion, I just carried on sketching and it turned into an armchair!”

And, by golly, it’s gorgeous. Deep enough to curl up in (and clearly as comfy for cats as for humans), it features 27-feet of shelf storage for your favourite books. There are several upholstery fabrics to choose from, but I’ve fallen for this rich peacock feather print. I also love the fact the armrests provide a space for steaming coffee cups.

“The sale that touched me the most was to a school in Ohio,” says Alexander. “The Reading and Literature teacher, Barbara Rooney, had died and she was such a popular teacher and had been there so long that the school decided to commemorate her time there and chose the Library Chair for the purpose. We fixed a bronze plaque on the back, stating: ‘The Barbara Rooney Reading Nook.’”

What a fab way to be remembered! In fact, if I managed to get one of these into my home, I’d be tempted to spend all my days, as Alexander puts it, “enveloped by books.” Heaven!

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