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Mixed Media Domino Art Dolls by Carla Trujillo

Mixed Media Domino Art Dolls by Carla Trujillo

If you like your artwork a little uncanny, a little unsettling but undeniably desirable, look no further than Carla Trujillo’s gorgeous Art Dolls. With soulful expressions and bodies built from the kinds of long forgotten items that lurk at the back of cupboards and drawers, they seem made from childhood memories distorted by dreams.

“Being an artist has always been in my blood,” says Carla. “I started drawing at an early age and won my first drawing contest at age twelve. The prize was free drawing lessons from a local artist.”

As a teenager, Carla “dabbled in painting on canvas, burlap, and soft sculptured pieces done with panty hose” then went to college and discovers her true passion in printmaking, which is a medium she’s now been experimenting with on and off for more than 25 years. “I try to continually challenge myself by exploring things that are out of my comfort zone, such as ceramic classes and online courses in plaster, mixed media jewellery, and textiles.”

Her art dolls first came into being following the arrival of her children. “Having children was a major transition for me artistically speaking,” she explains. “I could no longer spend endless hours in the studio printing, so I needed to find another outlet for creating art.”

Art Doll by Carla Trujillo

Art Doll by Carla Trujillo

Carla initially began creating her contemporary art dolls out of wood, plastics, leather and various fabrics. “Surfing the web and looking at art magazines, I came across a couple of artists creating mixed media art dolls and I fell in love with their creations. That discovery was life changing in my art journey.”

That encounter happened eight years ago and Carla hasn’t stopped since.

When it comes to creating the individual pieces, Carla acts primarily on instinct. “I’m not a planner, so when I usually go into to the studio to work, I don’t have a preconceived idea of what I’m going to create – I just let the hands do the work. Even on occasion when I do have an idea, it changes totally from the original thought.”

Due to this, each of the dolls is one of a kind, making it extra special.

Mixed Media Assemblage Bird by Carla Trujillo

Mixed Media Assemblage Bird by Carla Trujillo

The materials she uses to create the dolls include wire, metal, wood, clay, porcelain, various fabrics, fibres, and found objects. “I have slowly introduced ceramics into my work and am really loving the results!”

two winged angel by Carla Trujillo

Two-winged angel by Carla Trujillo

Carla exhibits widely in the Greater Cincinnati area. Find more of Carla’s work online at, on her Facebook page, or head over to her Etsy shop to buy a piece or two.

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