Christmas snowballs – a poetry craft project

Paper poetry snowball cr Judy DarleyLast year I made a collection of Christmas baubles using oversized buttons. This year I decided to use my words as the basis of my decorations.

I’m always rather torn (aptly!) when I see artwork made from old books – while the act of cannibalising pages distresses me, I find the printed word beguiling, and therefore the perfect foundation for a work of art.

But rather than destroy existing novels, why not create words especially for your creations?

Paper Poetry Snowballs step 1 cr Judy Darley

I had written a poem in January 2013 when the streets were hushed with snow, so found a font that seemed sufficiently frosty (Herculanum), and printed the poem out in long strips.

Paper Poetry Snowballs step 2 cr Judy Darley

Then all I needed to do was cut out each strip, curl it into itself to make a small circle at one end of the strip, and glue.

Paper Poetry Snowballs step 3 cr Judy Darley

I then cut a narrow slice into the paper close to this circle, and fed the other end through that, then glue again, and I had a paper poetry snowball!

They look pretty heaped around windowsills, bookshelves and mantelpieces in drifts, but you could pierce them and thread ribbon through to hang from the tree of your choice.

Merry Christmas!

Paper Poetry Snowballs heaped cr Judy Darley

Crafty Christmas creations

Buttons1Christmas offers the perfect opportunity for getting creative, whether that’s writing witty round robins, or making gifts and cards.

This year I decided to make some dinky baubles for my Christmas tree using some pretty oversized buttons from Bedecked Fine Trimmings.

They’re really simple to make. In case you want to give them a try, here is the step-by-step guide. Continue reading