What an artist saw

Louise Boulter WHAT I SAWBored of your advent calendar? Bournemouth-based artist and illustrator Louise Boulter is running a blog I’ve become addicted to, called WHAT I SAW, that might just be the answer.

Almost every day Louise posts a quirky, gorgeous or slightly disturbing illustration of something she spotted that day – from Louise Boulter is running ‘A very cute little boy having his hair dried into an afro’ to “A dead fox’ to ‘A flustered looking woman sat on the toilet’ (shown below).

A flustered looking woman cr Louise Boulter

Brilliantly observant, endlessly intriguing and occasionally laugh-out-loud weird, they’re a fabulous collection of original works you can dip in and out of at will, and, fabulously, Louise intends to keep posting her images long into the new year.

A pensioner cr Louise Boulter

“I decided to start the blog because I felt that doing a drawing a day would enable me to think about the subject and experiment with different mediums, pushing me to work a little faster and to gain more confidence in showing them on the web,” says Louise. “I feel the necessity to draw on a regular basis anyway so this really is a pleasure for me.”

A dead fox cr Louise Boulter

She adds: “I’ve also become aware that I am influenced by simple interactions between people, animals and objects – my memory is terrible so this is a good way of recording theses aspects!”

A beautiful girl cr Louise Boulter

Louise admits that initially she was only planning to do the blog for a couple of month or so, but outside interest in the blog )and the fact it has led to several commissions) means she will continue with it – hurrah!

“Through it I’m beginning to get a clearer understanding of the narrative of my illustrations, which has been invaluable to me,” says Louise. “Eventually I would like to aim for an exhibition of these drawings as one-off prints, but for the moment I’m just going to keep going and see where it takes me as I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Me too! To see more of Louise’s designs head to WHAT I SAW.