A unique storytelling adventure

These Pages Fall Like AshExperimental storytelling always gets my attention – the more inventive and brain-stretching the better. Authors Neil Gaiman and Nick Harkaway obviously agree as they are collaborating on the ‘These Pages Fall Like Ash’ project dreamt up by writer and Pervasive Media Studio resident Tom Abba and Bristol artist Duncan Speakman.

cr Tom AbbaOffering up Bristol’s less savoury histories for exploration, These Pages Fall Like Ash’ is being heralded as a “brand new way of experiencing the joy of reading books, which seeks to reimagine the relationship between the physical book, and its digital counterpart, and allows the reader to steer the story.”

I’m assuming it goes beyond the concept of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books (remember those?).

The experience begins on Saturday 20 April and continues for two and a half weeks.

They say: “Armed with a beautiful hand-crafted wooden book, readers will immerse themselves in a story of two cities and become a part of the story as well by accessing extra content on their mobiles and walking through city centre locations, learning new things about Bristol and its past and contributing their own thoughts. This is a reading experience where readers can influence and control the story just as much as its creators, with no way of knowing how the story will turn out.” Continue reading