The language of portraiture

Bianca Cork, Bare, Falmouth Art Gallery CollectionThey say a picture speaks a thousand words, and I believe that when the picture is a portrait, that total must be doubled or tripled. Faces tell the stories of the people who carry them – each line, freckle and blemish gives an indication of character, experience and even a hint of aspirations.

Adrian Wiszniewski Echo beach, Falmouth Art Gallery CollectionIt’s one of the reasons why I think the latest exhibition to descend on Falmouth Art Gallery has my full attention. ‘Making Faces’ begins tomorrow and runs until 14 September and promises to explore “the many ways in which artists have captured the uniqueness, beauty and strangeness of face.”

Portraits on show will include works by Adrian Wiszniewski (shown left), Sophie Anderson, Gavin Turk, Peter Blake, and, pictured at the top of this post, Bianca Cork’s ‘Bare’.

Why not go along and see how many stories you can read in each gaze?

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The love lives of strangers

Falmouth sand
While visiting Falmouth Art Gallery last week, I came across a small exhibition of notes written on luggage labels by the public – some pinned to a map of the town to show when momentous moments took place, others attached to a pinboard. Each one offers enticing glimpses into the romantic lives of anonymous strangers – resembling fragments from love letters or diaries.

Love Falmouth MapMy favourites could be lines from poems or songs: “She painted my face”, “I kissed Cathy on the face in the Poly”, “one night stand ends in relationship”, and the intriguing “Donated blood together… first date!”

The starting point for a thousand love stories!

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