Free workshops for freelancers

Money box cr Judy DarleyThe toughest part about being a freelance writer is, in my opinion, dealing with taxes, insurance and all that boring but oh-so necessary stuff.

So it’s welcome news that in association with Creative England, specialist accountant Brookson are hosting a number of workshops specifically designed for freelancers.

You’ll have the chance to network with other freelancers, get tips on running your business effectively and speak to Brookson about your tax and accountancy needs, whether you are already freelancing or brand new to this way of working.

They say: “With 17 years’ history we can help you whether you are trading as a limited company or sole-trader. You will also have access to our business partners including BUPA, Kingsbridge Insurance and Contractor Club.”

The workshops have already taken place in several spots across the UK, but there are still more to come. Continue reading