Gemma Atwell’s literary trinkets and treasures

Thimble Kiss pendant1 by Gemma AtwellWe all know that thimbles are kisses, don’t we? It’s what Wendy told Peter in J. M. Barrie’s beautiful tale of lost boys, fairies, pirates and ticking crocodiles, so it must be true.

Silversmith and jewellery maker Gemma Atwell capture these notions beautifully in her creations, drawing inspiration from fairytales, children’s literature and even songs.

“I’m a dreamer and find it easy to get lost in stories,” Gemma confesses. “If something has text on it I am drawn to it and I love to include writing on my pieces of jewellery. The lines I use in my work are generally from those fairy tales that stay with us long in to adulthood. There’s a magic to those stories that I personally wouldn’t want to let go of.” Continue reading