A lit lover’s retail heaven

pens in mug cr Literary Gift CoThe website of the Literary Gift Company caught my eye just by chance, and now I can’t leave it along – skimming through its pages is like finding yourself at a networking event populated only by eccentric like-minded folk you can’t wait to get to know.

Their wares are so many and varied and original, yet all somehow relate back to books and literature. Heaven!

There are so many things to choose from, but the ones that really got my attention include the set-of-inspirational-pens (complete with mug!).

virginia-woolf-soft-toyConveniently there’s a list of featured authors so you can easily find all the products directly relating to your favourites, such as this quirky Virginia Woolf doll.

I’m also partial to the quotey tote bags, including their lovely Dodie Smith ‘I Capture the Castle’ one pictured belowI can’t think of a more stylish away to carry my shopping home!

dodie smith bag i capture the castleI’m also partial to their quotey tote bags, including this lovely Dodie Smith ‘I Capture the Castle’ one.