New Visions V at the Grant Bradley Gallery

Collection by Amy VansThe Grant Bradley Gallery in Bristol is currently hosting their annual open exhibition – New Visions V. It’s one of my favourite exhibitions of theirs, featuring an eclectic array of artwork from a wonderful variety of artists. This years offerings include Collection by SkyLightRain favourite Amy Vans, pictured at the top of this post.

The exhibition is on until 1st August 2015 – do go along if you have a chance.

Illustration, sculpture and skylines

Rooftop by Mark Boardman

Rooftop by Mark Boardman

This February, three very different exhibitions take over the Grant Bradley Gallery in Bedminster, Bristol.

Let Me Illustrate III offers up works  by 14 contemporary illustrators, including Mark Boardman, Katherine Coulton and Lindsay McDonagh.

“The overwhelming amount of visual imagery encountered on a daily basis means that illustration serves an increasingly important role in capturing our attention,” comments curator Marten Rostel.

The exhibition promises to showcase a diverse, varied collection in traditional and digital media of commercial and non-commercial work.

At the same time, you can see Bavarian wood sculptor Joachim Seitfudem’s darkly contemplative Momento Mori, and Streets, Lanes and Skylines by artist Susie Ramsay, whose new series of new pen and watercolour paintings focuses on Bristol’s old city and harbourside.

The three exhibitions will be at the Grant Bradley Gallery from 7th-28th February 2015, with the private view (which you’re invited to attend) on Friday 5th Feb at 6pm.

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Somerset artists on show at the Grant Bradley Gallery

Indian Odyssey by Caroline MornementOne of my favourite art galleries in Bristol is undoubtedly the Grant Bradley. It occupies a gorgeous, light-filled space just next to Asda in Brislington, and frequently hosts exhibitions that stop me in my tracks.

Rest by Bea Hammond

This Friday at 6pm, you’re invited to attend the preview night of their latest – SCAN – showcasing works by Somerset Contemporary Artists’ Network (hence the name of the exhibition), and will feature creations like ‘Rest’ by Bea Hammond, shown above, and Time and Space by Ashar, shown below. Continue reading

Secret, forgotten corners

Totterdown At Sunset cr Simon HopkinsonSome of my favourite spaces in the city around me are those other people tend to ignore – the busy road-bridge with narrow footpaths rubbish blows along, the empty buildings with shadowy interiors and secret, forgotten corners.

It’s these areas that artist Simon Hopkinson revels in, revealing an atmospheric elegance in the areas most of us hurry past on the way to somewhere brighter and better lit.

Billboard three cr Simon HopkinsonI’ve noticed his paintings ignite a sense of recognition and even nostalgia in viewers, while simultaneously showing them a side of Bristol they’ve never thought to pay attention to before.

“It’s all there, for anyone to see, but people rarely take the time to slow down and actually take it in,” Simon says.

Simon promises that his new paintings retain his recognisable style, giving Bristol’s rough and rubbish-strewn corners an uncommon dignity through his light-infused, colour-rich compositions.

“There’s something claustrophobic about tradition, and a freedom in looking at something abandoned and accidental, which society doesn’t expect you to like,” he comments. “The conventional view is that they are ugly, whereas to me their beauty is obvious.”

To glimpse a different side of Bristol’s personality and make up your own mind, head along to Grant Bradley Gallery between 9th and 30th March 2013. 

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