Book review – A History of Capitalism According to the Jubilee Line by John O’Farrell

A History of Capitalism book coverI began reading this book on the day before Magaret Thatcher’s death, which made the cover image particularly poignant (and yes, that bearded chappie beside Maggie would appear to be Karl Marx).

Taking the format of a dream-scape, apparently experienced while riding the Jubilee Line, this is a somewhat surrealist tale, in which the trains are halted due to a collapse in Western civilisation, never to move again. Not great news for the passengers stuck on the now impotent train.

By setting it in the realm of dreams O’Farrell is able to deftly sidestep pesky questions by having his own characters ask them: “In retrospect it was a little strange that they had recorded messages specifically for this bizarre and complex set of circumstances.” Continue reading