Not all clouds bring rain

Cloud MeteorosI’ve occasionally been accused of having my head in the clouds, but with this new artwork at St Pancreas Station, that could be regarded as a compliment.

Unveiled yesterday, Cloud: Meteoros, created by British-born sculptor and artist Lucy Orta and her husband Jorge, is suspended above the vast Grand Terrace, bringing a sense of scale and possibility to the 48 million people who travel through the London station each year.

Close up of Cloud Meteoros“I hope our sculpture will be one more way for the millions of visitors to admire the beauty of the space and to take their minds off the mundane,” comments Lucy. “Just in the way ceiling frescoes affected Renaissance dwellers many centuries ago, our hope is that this sculpture will similarly inspire Londoners, making them ultimately feel differently about their surroundings. What a wonderful way for art to intervene into people’s lives.”

Got to agree! I particularly love the characters resting atop the clouds, apparently designed to echo the passengers waiting on the platforms below.

To see it for yourself, visit St Pancreas before Autumn 2013, and look up.

Cloud: Meteoros