Midweek writing prompt – Bathhouse

Bath House drawing cr Linda Samson

Bath House © Linda Samson

The beautiful artwork by Linda Samson that I featured a few weeks ago reminded me what a gorgeous time I had at Budapest’s Gellért Baths. There’s something so public and yet so intimate about bathhouses like these, where you can wallow for hours chatting and daydreaming. It’s the perfect place to plan out adventures, swap scandalous stories and reminisce.

Linda says “Woman Bathing appeared first as an etching, but after seeing Lord Leighton’s house with the central atrium and Turkish tiled pool in Holland Park, I reworked the image as the ceramic ‘Bath House’. There was an echo of the past in the piece as one of my earliest oil paintings was Turkish Women, created in homage to Delacroix, but based on my experience as a student where I stayed in a Turkish village near the Syrian border, helping to build a bathhouse for the villagers.”

This week, why not situate yourself as a fly on a (no doubt condensation-slick) wall of a bathhouse and see what you can observe – what rumours or conspiracies might come to your attention? And of course, some first-hand research might be needed, which offers the perfect excuse for an afternoon relaxing at your nearest spa…

If you write something prompted by this, please let me know by sending an email to Judy(at)socket creative.com. With your permission, I’d love to share it on SkyLightRain.com.

Figurework with Linda Samson

Life class 2 ceramic tile painting cr Linda Samson

Life class 2 ceramic tile painting © Linda Samson

The figures in Linda Samson’s artwork exude a distinct sense of solidity. Captured in paint, pen and ink or ceramics, they inhabit an enviably tangible space, as though they live deeply felt, vibrant lives just beyond their frames.

This impression makes sense to me when Linda explains that she draws inspiration from the Oceanic art of the Pacific Islands and, most recognisably perhaps, the monolithic statues of Easter Island.

“I think the strong forms came initially from my discovery of Oceanic art and the joined or reflected images from a study I did at the British Museum of conjoined twins,” Linda says. “Being traditionally trained at Glasgow School of Art, life drawings formed the foundations of my figurative style.”

The Bowl of Cherries, oil on canvas cr Linda Samson

The Bowl of Cherries, oil on canvas © Linda Samson

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