Journal review – Riptide Vol 8

riptide_volume8From fiction for children to fiction about children. Riptide Volume 8 subtitles itself: a collection of childhood-themed stories for adults, and right from the start it immerses you in a form of nostalgia as rich but indefinable as the moment between dreaming and waking.

Starting with a foreword from Floella Benjamin (a detail which will fire up memories of early days for any readers of my generation), the stories sweep you through moments from the characters lives when they were both extremely vulnerable and capable of anything. Floella sums it up in describing childhood as “that concentrated but half-understood world that children inhabit.”

Through the collection, we encounter dreams of crows, a robot hunter squad, a terrifying glass-cased pike, girls who become ravens. The stories carry us through suburban streets, caravan sites and mysterious islands. And the children in the tales each observe and cope with all of life’s complications in their own unique way. It’s a journey of an anthology in the same way that childhood is a journey – thrilling, at times distressing, and ultimately enlightening. Continue reading

A creative writing workshop with Riptide

Michelle McKinney 'Migration' Image courtesy of Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter City CouncilYou may have noticed that quite a bit of my writing is inspired by art. To me, something about the two creative forms comes together really well, so an upcoming workshop with Riptide Journal editors Ginny Baily and Sally Flint seems utterly apt.

Ginny and Sally are running a day-long creative writing workshop at Exeter’s Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM) aimed at helping writers produce stories and poems inspired by art, such as this gorgeous contemporary piece by Michelle McKinney‘s Migration (Image courtesy of Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter City Council). The workshop takes place on Thursday February 21st 2013 and costs £25. Continue reading