Book review – Unthology 5

Unthology 5A flawless short story anthology is a rare thing, but this may well be it. Editors Ashley Stokes and Robin Jones have selected 14 startling, unsettling tales and strung them together in an order that best shows off their facets, of which, of course, there are many.

I’d expect nothing less from the duo who have already put together four excellent Unthologies. There’s a sense of them curating the book as an event, hanging each tale so that the preceding and following stories will enhance the impression each one leaves you with. In this scenario the first and last have added responsibility, drawing you in one end, and easing you out of the other, a little altered despite yourself.

The opening story, A Little More Prayer by Angela Readman, does this effortlessly with the story of a teenager in the aftermath of a kidnapping, subtly shifting your understanding of events until you emerge, troubled but intrigued. Continue reading