Book review – Letters of Note

Letters of Note coverRemember letters, those fragile sheets of paper that used to flutter through that curious rectangular hole in the door only bills and fast food fliers now fall through? It was such an exciting  moment when you realised there was an envelope with your name hand-scrawled across it, just waiting for you to open it and start reading.

Even more thrilling were the moments when you received a response to your fan letter or query sent weeks before. Look, he/she/they’ve written back! Look, that’s their signature!

Amazing. Like being retweeted or followed on Twitter by someone you admire, only 100 times better.

In this beautiful, decidedly hefty book, Shaun Usher has compiled some fantastic, examples of this increasingly rare art.

Based on Shaun’s website, which receives more than 1.5 million hits each week, Letters of Note provides well over 100 pieces of correspondence and their transcriptions (thank goodness, some are pretty illegible). Continue reading