A woodland writing retreat

Sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves and everyone around us is run away to a quiet hut in the woods and close the door.

Shepherds hideaway snow

Writing, and most creative endeavours for that matter, generally requires space – in my experience, the more creative the endeavour, the more silence and space required.

Fortunately, my attention has been drawn to the Shepherds’ Hut Hideaway on the Isle of Wight, a surprisingly luxurious cluster of cosy huts designed to withstand winter storms. Created by specialist hut maker (yes, that’s a thing) Blackdown, they’re fully insulated with snuggly sheeps’ wool, and have good reliable heating, plus plenty of nooks where you can curl away to write or muse to your utter contentment.

Shepherds' Hideaway bedroom

My heart, however, is set on the extra special accommodation option in this group – the treehouse.

What? Didn’t you know writers never grow up?