Mid-week writing prompt – the power of smell

Perfumes cr Judy DarleyI thought this week’s mid-week writing prompt should be something a bit different. In a recent, literary-themed issue of Stylist magazine, four prominent authors were each commissioned to write a short piece of fiction inspired by particular summer perfumes. The results were intriguing and inspiriting – I especially loved Jeannette Winterson’s tale on the first days of infatuation – utterly sensual.

Smell is an especially evocative sense, stirring memories and associations that can lead to unexpectedly powerful imagery. So my challenge to you is to trade perfumes with a writing friend, or take a perfume that you already own, and write a 300-word story inspired by the smell.

If you find your tale gains a life of its own, by all means, write more. Then, if you’re happy with what you produce, share it by emailing it to me (judy (at) socketcreative.com).