Bring kids’ drawings to life

LambyYou may have encountered the mishmash collaborative illustrations by artist Mica Angela Hendricks and her four-year-old daughter (if not, where have you been?). I’ve just encountered a comparable collaboration that has me in a spin!


Vicky Putler and Theo Sykes at Thorody began making stuffed drawings when their daughter asked them to turn some of her drawings into toys. “I think the first one was Foxy (pictured above),” says Theo. “We use a pantograph to scale the drawings up and make a simple pattern, then create the ‘stuffed drawing’ with off cuts of our printed linen and embroider any detail.”

KangarooThe couple, who specialise in designing and screen printing fabrics, put some of their collaborative creations up on a social media site and were soon getting requests for bespoke stuffed drawings based on children’s drawing from as far away as Australia.

“As well as the bespoke stuffed drawings, we currently have three designs that are in production: ‘Foxy’ ‘Ginger the Reindeer’ and ‘Prog.’”

I love how characterful the finished creatures are, and how true to the original works of art. They’re perfect, original Christmas gifts!